Hope Carried is featured on the Brilliant Business Mom's Podcast aka:my favorite podcast!

I've been listening to the Brilliant Business Mom's Podcast since the very beginning of my entrepreneurship journey and am beyond thrilled to be featured on the latest podcast!

If you are dreaming of starting a passion project or have wondered how Hope Carried started this is the podcast for you!

Enjoy a tiny teaser:

"Brea, like many mompreneurs, opened her business by accident.

She used baby carriers but didn’t really love the ones she found. When her kiddos were tiny, she wanted a ring-sling type carrier, but her family just didn’t have wiggle room in the budget for one. So, being a savvy mom, she pulled out her sewing machine and made one for herself. Brea says she then became obsessed with creating baby carriers! She started playing around, making carrier after carrier and perfecting her design. People started asking if they could buy Brea’s carriers, and early on she simply sold her carriers for the cost of production. But seeing how popular her products were becoming, she knew that she wouldn’t last for long unless she made a few adjustments".

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