Loving our babies and raising them to be awesome!

Loving our babies and raising them to be awesome!
Isn't that what we are all trying to do best? Hi I'm Stephanie, mama to our sweet girl Olive Darling. Motherhood can be overwhelming. It is beautiful and messy. It shows you your purpose but can make you feel inadequate. If someone asked me to define motherhood in one word I would say it couldn't be done. Motherhood can't be defined in one word. Because we are all on different journeys. I wanted to share with you what motherhood looks like to me right now. 
Each morning we wake up to our smiling girl who may have slept through the night but most likely she woke up a few times to snack, just because she wanted to not because she needed to. We start the day with some cuddles and then head down to go get coffee, we spend the mornings slow, maybe she'll jump in her bouncer maybe we will read a story. Heck sometimes we dont even get out of bed before her first nap of the day! Somehow she is still always tired though and once she is down I stair at her and dream of who she'll be when she is my age now. 
I often think back to my childhood and the thing that stands out most to me is how my mom talked to me. She always listened, and that says a lot because I was a super talkative child and annoyed quite a few people. She was gentle and kind and taught me to always be me. I remember a few times she let me stay home from school to hang out because of some sort of girl drama that was going on that mostly meant nothing but she was always there not only to be my friend but to always guide me and lead me in the right ways. She was always on my side and rooting for me. I often think about the ways my mother was there for me and how I want to be there for Olive. 
I believe in intentional and slow parenting. I want every thing we do to be intentional that way when I look back in 20 years I can say "boy, that went by fast but we sure lived it up and made the most of it!" So even though Olive is almost 6 months old I am trying to implement those things now. To be patient and slow to frustration when I dont know what she needs because she can only cry to communicate. or to really invest my time with her when she's awake and put work and emails and social media off until she sleeps. Or to make sure that I get some ME time, so that way I can come back to my family recharged and ready to go. Usually, when I'm frustrated or crying I really just need to go treat myself to a coffee and window shopping and then I'm a whole new mama and wife! 
I know motherhood can be lonely and incredibly hard, but I want to encourage you that you are most likely doing the best you can with what you know. Just like your parents before you. And obviously we all didn't have perfect childhoods with perfect examples of parents but we can change that. We now have the honor of wearing our babies super close and giving them all the extra love and snuggles they may need. We truly get to try and be everything our parents may have not been or who they were! It doesn't have to be a negative thing just because you wish your parents would have done this or that. Now you can to do this or that for your child. So if you get anything from this I just really want to encourage you that your not alone, just because one family does something one way doesn't mean you have to. Take some time with yourself or your spouse and talk about how you want to parents and what you wish your children will remember about you and then start practicing those. It's never to late, no matter how old or young your babies are they are always going to need their mama + papa!
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