Making the most of everyday

The way we spend our days is the way we spend our lives
-Ann Dillard

Many times I find myself wishing for bedtime so I can finally get some peace and quiet. I often wish that my kids could be just a little less wild and a little more still. I can tell you I truly love my life and am so grateful for my kids. But I can just as honestly tell you I’m exhausted and usually am just wishing for some alone time. But I’ve realized that I don’t want to look back and feel that I didn’t cherish this short period in my life. I want to make the most of the days I have, and not always be wishing for the next big thing. If I’ve realized one thing from being a mom, it’s that if i’m thinking or feeling something, other moms are right there with me. So instead of just saying “I’m going to do try to do this and you should too!”, I wanted to write down some practicals of what taking advantage of every day could look like.

Here are my few tips to make the best of every single one of these long, tiring and fun days.

  1. Get up early.
    You’re probably thinking “Brea, I do get up early, do you know how tired I am I really can’t sacrifice another minute of sleep”. And I want to let you know that yes, I really do know where you’re coming from. I am currently on my 3rd, yes that’s right 3rd pot of coffee But, I am still telling you to get up at least 15 minutes before your kids. Have a cup of coffee in the peace and silence of your beautiful home, and enjoy the moment of simply being. Give yourself time to remember what you’re thankful for, and prepare yourself for when those little mess makers get up!
    Coffee is everything
  2. Get out.

    I also know how hard this can be when one kid won’t keep their pants on and the other one is throwing food all over your finally washed kitchen floor. However, this is when it’s most important to make sure you get a chance to remember there is life outside of your house. If it’s feeling chaotic or like the walls are closing in get out of the house, go to the library, go for a walk go get coffee with your babes. I promise 9 out of 10 times this will be so refreshing and you know someone will comment on how cute that little mess maker is and you’ll remember you are the luckiest in the world.
    Get out to stay sane-motherhood tip #2
  3. Get dressed.

    Not in the same leggings you’ve worn the last 3 days, put on some tinted moisturizer and maybe some lip gloss you’ll be amazed at just how put together that can make you feel!

I'd love to hear from you, do you have any tricks to making the most of everyday in the little years?

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