“Mom, when can I marry sissy?”

He has been consistently asking this question since he realized you get to pick who you marry when he was three. It makes me so happy that the person he wants to spend his life playing & fighting with is his 3 year old sister.
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I know Jo feels the same way. She copies his every utterance and move. His favorite game is fighting; her favorite game is fighting. He loves wrestling; she loves wrestling. The only way she goes astray is that his favorite color is green and her favorite color is pink. Holden will not play with, eat, or even paint with anything pink. He exclaims, “Pink is sissy’s favorite color and she will just take it if it’s pink!” Holden is right, because that is so true.

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The bad news for Holden is that you can’t marry your sister. BUT, the good news is you can spend your whole life playing & fighting with her.

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After having two babies, I thought my heart had expanded all that was humanly possible after becoming a mother of two. I was proven wrong when I saw them playing together, and my heart felt like it grew 3 sizes.

There is a love between siblings that is so strong and unique.  If I can’t get one of them to do what I’m asking, I send their sibling to coax them. More often than not they happily comply.

They care about each other so much. The other day Holden came up to me and asked “What the words are to ‘Twinkle, Twinkle’?” I told him all the words and then followed him down the hall. He said Jo was sad and began to sing “Twinkle Twinkle” to her. “Look mom, it’s working! She is cheering up!”

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I’ve been reminiscing on the past four years of motherhood and realizing they have been sweeter to each other than I could have ever imagined. When I think about the legacy I’ll leave in this world, I am satisfied knowing that their love will always remain.

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