To the mama who can't do it all

I remember the first birthday that someone else made the birthday cake, I struggled with letting that go. I felt that I was supposed to make it, that if I let someone else made my son’s first birthday cake it meant that I was admitting I couldn’t handle doing everything on my own, NEWS FLASH: I can’t. Like i just literally can’t do it all. It’s not humanly possible to do everything on your own and still do it well. I have 2 choices 1.Do a whole bunch of things ok OR 2. Do a few things really well. If my time owning my own business has taught me anything it’s to prioritize the things I am actually good at and letting go of the rest.

Now this doesn’t mean because I suck at folding laundry that I can just skip it. But it does mean that I don’t have to compare my laundry skills to the mom who folded clothes at GAP all through college. Some of my best friends put on beautiful themed birthday parties for their kids, I don’t and just can’t pull that off. When I walk into their Toy Story birthday party complete with full sized Buzz LIghtyear I feel no shame over my son’s party that has little more than food and presents. I celebrate her and enjoy myself, feeling blessed to have such talented, visionary friends!

There are a few things that I just know I’m not good at, baking cookies is on the top of that list. I have tried so many times and so many different ways to master the perfect chocolate chip cookie or any cookie for that matter. Last Christmas I tried to make the same cookie 4 different times!  I did not give up, after each failed attempt I scoured the comments sections for any clues or modifications that would make these shortbread cookies edible.   I felt bad, embarrassed even. These were not even a Pinterest cookie, just a 4 ingredient cookie and I couldn’t even get that right. My husband got real sick of the trips to the market for more butter and bought a large variety pack which I divided in the tins, passing them off as my own love filled cookies to all the neighbors.

Baking with kids                      (this is what I hoped I looked like baking with my kids)


The truth is they were full of love, just not homemade cookies! This year I will save my time and stop wasting all that delicious butter and just buy a pack of break n bakes! I am not my failed cookies. My family is no worse off because of this shortcoming. Same as the birthday cakes, my sister in law makes the most delicious cakes and loves to make them for her niece and nephew’s birthdays, it’s truly a win-win.


So to you mama, you can’t be everything to everyone. Pick a few things that bring you joy and do them well! You and your family will be better for it. As someone I admire once said "If you can't do it with joy in your heart, don't do it"-Nana

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